I'm proud to support the great work Aware does to take the stigma out of depression and mental health issues.

Small steps lead to big gains, big journeys, even a happier and healthier mind. You don't have to run around the world but even a walk or short jog down the road can help your mood by sending endorphins to your brain. I have been there too.

Aware is a voluntary organisation supporting depression sufferers and their families. Services include a secondary school education programme, a loCall helpline 1890 303 302, support groups nationwide, lectures and online supports.

Please support Aware’s fight to remove the stigma from depression.


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Anything is possible! I didn't start running till I was almost 30.Then I dreamed of running around the World.I got delayed for over 20 years for many reasons, the Gulf war, breaking a few world ultra records. Now I am retired from competition I can finally live my dream. I hope you will travel around the World with me. Read more...

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