THE WORLD JOG MISSION STATEMENT: It is my intention to cover ever possible land kilometer by foot. If I cannot run I will walk. If I cannot walk I will crawl. To make my route look as continuous as possible on a world map. The only gaps that happen on this trip will be due to such circumstances as: Road closure, visa refusal, ordered off the road by the police, war, excessive danger or unforeseen circumstances. Nobody will be more disappointed than me.  This is firstly my trip. I am not out to impress anyone.

One thing is for sure…. This route and map will surely change while I am on the road. I will endeavor to try my best to update any route change in advance wherever possible but the realization of alternative routes may not be obvious till I am in that situation.

I consider myself to be an just an ordinary regular ultra runner putting my previous success down to an ability to tap a bit farther into my mental efforts than some of my rivals. In addition to this I have also been helped and advised exceptionally well, for which I will be forever more eternally grateful.

CLARIFICATION: Some forums have this expedition quoted as ’ a marathons a day for over 1,000 days ‘ has been misinterpreted on some blogs and forums as 1,000 marathons in 1,000 consecutive   days! I can quite categorically state right now this is not the case! I will in fact be building up to the marathon distance and will take some rest days and perhaps a couple of 2/3 week timeouts. The confusion comes from the fact that The World Jog is likely to clock out in around 42-43,000km and obviously 3 years is over 1,000 days.

I am not setting out to break any records, but who knows, one may develop.

However, with such an effort as this I would obviously like to have it recognized. In order to do this I need everything to be properly documented and recorded.

The day I am tempted to cheat is the instant I stop, pack my bags and go home. I would be fooling nobody but myself and have a failed passion to live with forever more, even if nobody knew.

I am proud to put my efforts towards highlighting the wonderful work AWARE the Irish charity does with its very limited funds.

AWARE is a voluntary organization supporting depression sufferers and their families.

If you enjoy this blog, or even if you don’t please make a donation  no matter how small, even a euro or a dollar via the secure donate button on this site. Every little adds up and makes a huge difference.

Another issue close to my heart is the encouragement of children into sport . I would love to encourage them to spend just a little less time playing computer games as opposed to sport participation.

 I always say that since I first got this dream all those years ago….I have been a prisoner of my dreams. On October 25th I will start living that dream. I hope you will join me. I hope many others will join me on the roads around the world.

From time to time an opportunity may arise for me to accept vehicular transport to someones home for the night. Upon such an offer, before the person has even finished speaking, my first thoughts will be: ”Only if you can bring me back to the exact same spot where I finished.” Such locations/occasions will be clearly marked and logged both in my logbook and recorded here as…. ‘ transit to or from start/ finish locations.’

This is no different to running into a town, checking into an hotel, taking a bus or taxi to a cinema, returning to the hotel and setting out the next day.

Transparency, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity are the principles I live by.

I invite any runner/observer to come announced or unannounced, to run or observe me  anywhere in the world on my route at any time….But please bring something to eat and drink :) I will be delighted to see you.

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