New World Record Surgeres

I am honored to be one of few athletes in the world to have broken the 400Km (250 miles) distance in 48 hours, and also to have done it on three different occasions on different surfaces. I put a lot of that success down to some world class crewing that I was luck to receive. Those three occasions were:


426.178Km (almost 265miles) at Brno, Czech Rep March 16-18 2007, gave me the 48 hour World indoor record. This was also the first time a runner ran 200km plus for 2 consecutive days (223km and 203km) Crew man Alan Young with help from Petra.

And then less than 2 months later:


401.114Km (250+miles) at Surgeres, France in May 2007. Crewman: Michael Farrell.


405.220Km (251.815 miles) at Longford, Ireland August 22-24 2008, gave me the World Record for 48 hour on a treadmill. Chief Crewman Alan Young

Personal Bests.

1 Mile - 4 min 50 sec (Santry,Dublin)
2 miles - 9 min 50 sec (Santry,Dublin)
5km road - 16 min 27 secs (liberties,Dublin)
10km road - 33 min 01 sec (Phoenix Park,Dublin)
1/2 marathon - 75 min 30 sec (Wales,UK)
20 miles - 1 hour 58 min (Clonliff 20miler,Dublin)
Marathon - 2 hour 38 min 29 sec. (Finglas Marathon,Dublin)
50km - 3 hour 55 min (Colorado Springs,USA)
50 miles - 7 hour 30 min (Colorado Springs,USA)
100km - 8 hr 44 min (Celtic Plate,Phoenix Park,Dublin)
100 miles - (split in 24 hour) 16 hour 15 min (World Championships,Taipei,Taiwan)
24 hours track - 223km former Irish record. (European Championships,Verona,Italy)
24 hours road - 228.299km Former Irish record. (World Championships,Taipei,Taiwan)
24 hours indoors - (split in 48 hour race) 223km Current Irish indoor record (Brno,Czech Rep.)
24 hours treadmill - 222km former world treadmill and current Irish record.(Dublin Marathon Expo,RDS Dublin)
48 hours road - 340km Current Irish road record. (Arizona,USA)
48 hours track - 401.115km Current Irish record. (Surgeres,France)
48hours indoors - 426.178km Current World Indoor Record. (Brno,Czech Rep.)
48 hours treadmill - 405.08km Current World Treadmill Record. Marathon Expo,Longford,Ireland
72 hours road - 450km Current Irish record. (Arizona,USA)


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